State Farm Neighborhood Sessions

Raised in a military family, Khalid grew up without one place to call home. But, being exposed to different places, people, and music gave him an outlet to express his feelings and experiences with honesty.

Exclusive Full Length Performance: “Saved”

Exclusive Full Length Performance: “Young, Dumb, & Broke”

Part 1: How Music Made a Home

Moving every three years was disruptive, but these moves brought Khalid new friendships and lessons. Now you can see how each move and relationship contributes to shaping how Khalid sees the world and writes his music.

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Part 2: A Mother's Influence

Linda Wolfe, Khalid’s mom, raised Khalid to always appreciate the people around them. She also introduced him to using music as an outlet. Take a look at how Khalid carries his mom’s influence with him in all he does.

Part 3: Using Music as Therapy With CAMMO

CAMMO uses music as therapy to help veterans manage PTSD and readjusting to civilian life. Teaming up with CAMMO, Khalid encourages military veterans to rely on music and help them through tough times—just like he and his mom do.

“Life is so temporary… I want to make sure I’m able to help other people live their best life.”


With Khalid's mom Linda serving in the military, he spent most of his childhood moving. After living in Heidelberg, Germany, for six years, his family moved to Fort Drum in Watertown, New York during his 8th grade school year.

His mother’s passion for music was influential. Khalid then built his own aesthetic cultivated by travel and cultural experiences. His diverse musical taste fostered a distinct tone and youthful adventurousness to break down traditional barriers.

“I feel like a lot of people are afraid to open up, and the trend is to be very cold. I’m throwing everything I’ve ever been through on the table.” – Khalid

During his senior year of high school, he was forced to relocate yet again – this time to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Khalid transformed one of the most depressing times of his life into gorgeous melodies and poetic lyrics. His honesty, storytelling, and music have finally landed him a home and community in El Paso.