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In his debut album, “Dopamine,” BØRNS tells stories of longing for love. Meet the artist behind “10,000 Emerald Pools,” “Electric Love,” and “American Money” in our exclusive web miniseries.

Artist Stories


(Part 1)

BØRNS grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, where the eclectic records of his childhood etched a soundtrack for beach life. He went to art school, played jazz with friends, and moved to New York right after high school. Soon after, he hopped a flight to L.A. for a change of scenery and to dig deeper into his songwriting.

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Artist Stories


(Part 2)

It took time to connect, but his move to L.A. brought producer (and fellow Midwesterner) Tommy English and a management deal. Springtime in L.A. inspired the big sound of “Electric Love.” He still loves returning home to Michigan to clear his head with a walk in the woods and a splash in Lake Michigan.

“Anything you’re passionate about shouldn’t be influenced by what you think someone else wants to hear.” — Garrett Borns

The bright, majestic, lovelorn anthems of BØRNS are sure to pull heartstrings and drive acts of romance.

It’s not like we have a choice in the matter. Love, as it’s been said, is all chemistry. And that tiny chemical messenger of love, dopamine, is what rising maestro Garrett Borns titled his debut full-length album of majestic, lovelorn anthems.

“Dopamine is released when you are longing for something, the desire of a reward — it's the fantasy in your mind,” says BØRNS. “A lot of the songs on the album are ‘I wish I had you’ songs. All the songs are inspired by a chemical connection to a lover, so dopamine is the all-encompassing theme.”

BØRNS, a Michigan native who spent time in New York before landing in Los Angeles, understands how to connect the intricacies of a melody and how to conjure up a song from its building blocks to reach the heavens.

Working with producer Tommy English, in 2014 BØRNS released the “Candy” EP, a shot of sunny, sweet, sweeping adrenaline to the pop music landscape that put “10,000 Emerald Pools” and “Electric Love” on playlists across the world.

Of the contained electricity in his “Electric Love” track he says, “I never expected so many people to connect to it.” The song’s early success was impressive, with syncs and shares continuing to skyrocket.

The BØRNS-English pair quickly began work on an album, writing and recording in between steadily growing live shows — and with the stage in mind. Inspired by his new West Coast home, BØRNS injected much of that sunshine vibe into the new music.

While the mood of Dopamine is very much about love, BØRNS admits he never sets out to write a certain type of song, but rather lets the sentiment flow out of him in the moment.

He is quick to share the joy and credit with others, especially his producer, English. “I couldn’t be happier that I made my first album with someone I consider such a good friend,” he says.