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Ben Rector

Singer-songwriter Ben Rector slowly started building a fan base in college. His albums have since put him on top of the iTunes charts and led to sold-out shows across the country. “Brand New,” his latest release, renews the energy of his early days to deliver pop music with a purpose. Come home to Tulsa with Ben in our exclusive Artist Stories short film series.

Artist Stories

Ben Rector

(Part 1)

Seeing a local singer perform at his high school had a profound impact. He’d never heard a voice like that and it was a pivotal turning point. Ben secretly practiced singing at home — then found his true voice and songwriting style in college. In the years since, he has slowly, steadily, and thoughtfully built his following.

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Artist Stories

Ben Rector

(Part 2)

Success was a little overwhelming for Ben and his family. With growing audiences at his shows, there were no longer familiar faces, but they knew every word to the songs he’d written. Being part of that community is what still drives him; uplifting people, working hard, and trying to make something excellent.

“Investing in my community is really important to me. It keeps you grounded, it keeps you knowing what’s important … what’s real.” — Ben Rector

Two years after his first Top 20 entry on the Billboard album chart, Ben Rector is back with a new album and is feeling “Brand New” (Aptly Named Recordings).

The singer-songwriter's newest album marks a return to the spirit of his youth, when he was a music-crazed teenager playing guitar in his Tulsa bedroom and every song was a discovery. Turning those songs into a career was just a dream, which he pursued while still a student at the University of Arkansas. Since then, the 28-year-old has made that dream a reality, independently selling more than 400,000 albums and four million downloads.

His four studio albums, and “Live In Denver” (2014), have repeatedly put him on top of the iTunes charts and led to sold-out shows with sing-along fans in theaters across the country.

Rector has written hundreds of songs and played thousands of bills in his young career, but in the writing and recording of “Brand New,” he rediscovered the energy of his early days with songs that have all the punch, power, and promise of a debut record.

With rich string arrangements, percussion, pounding piano chords, and effortless melodies, “Brand New” is at once anthemic, sincere, and humble; anchored by songs that are honest and meaningful. It's pop music with a purpose.