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American Authors

You’ve heard their hit single, “Best Day of My Life,” in movie trailers, on television shows, and as a theme song for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For New York-based pop-alt band American Authors, the best days of their lives are still ahead.

Artist Stories

American Authors

(Part 1)

Minnesota, California, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas. Their diverse geography and backgrounds collided at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the unique collaborative sound of American Authors was born. Meet Zac, Dave, James, and Matt, and the people and places that have inspired them.

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Artist Stories

American Authors

(Part 2)

Living in a tiny apartment in NYC with no money, the boys eventually met their mentor and producer, Shep Goodman. Shep helped breathe new life into the group and soon they had a new sound with their hit smash, “Best Day of My Life.”

“If you go into every day thinking today is going to be greater than yesterday, then you're doing everything right.” — Dave Rublin, American Authors

Since releasing their debut album “Oh, What a Life” in 2014, New York-based pop-rock outfit American Authors has experienced milestones most bands only dream about. They’ve watched their music top the charts and seen singles go multi-Platinum. They’ve played awards shows, hit the stages of legendary venues all over the world, and toured with One Republic.

Their hit single, “Best Day of My Life,” has been featured in movie trailers, on TV shows, and as a theme song for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Despite these accolades, lead singer Zac Barnett asserts that the best day of their lives is yet to come. “We just want to keep going,” he says. “We can’t wait to continue this adventure.”

Adventure is an understatement. After meeting at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Barnett and guitarist James Adam Shelley, bassist Dave Rublin, and drummer Matt Sanchez began to develop an entirely unique, collaborative sound; one that radiates style, without sacrificing substance. This eclectic brand of energetic pop rock attracted iconic label Island Records. “Signing with Island was so exciting,” remembers Barnett. “We literally signed the papers and then hit the road on our first legit tour.”

Regardless of time constraints, it’s clear that American Authors take their name seriously — their tracks are infused with tribal rhythms, country twang, Latin riffs and EDM-style drops, making their music as diverse as the city they live in. “New York opened us up to this whole new world and community of musicians,” says Barnett of the band’s adopted home.

They create fun and truthful pop rock, drawing on personal experience for inspiration. “Our songs are about daily life. We’re constantly learning and failing and succeeding and that’s what influences us more than anything.”

They’re not afraid to take risks, a trait that has only intensified since the release of “Oh, What a Life.” In fact, says Barnett, their new songs take elements from their beloved sound to the next level: “We’re pushing everything. Bigger harmonies, bigger melodies — it’s American Authors 2.0.”

More than anything, though, the band is excited to continue connecting with fans. “Our music is our hearts and our souls and our entire lives,” says Barnett. “We hope that people can put their own stories into it and find a sense of unity with the music, but also with important moments in our lives. That’s what we really live for.”