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Good Neighbors Inspire Greatness

State Farm Neighborhood Sessions® is a music series created by State Farm® – celebrating music, artists and the good neighbors that inspired those artists to be great.

In each session, we bring artists back home for a special hometown show to shine a spotlight on both the artist and the inspiring people in their community. State Farm also proudly gives back to these neighborhoods, helping to seed programs that keep giving back long after the concert event.

The Neighbors

Every neighborhood inspires stars. Meet some local superstars who make their neighborhoods better and inspire others every day – because they care and because they can.

Watch Their Stories
Going Back
Giving Back to Local Heroes
Felipe Lopez
Coach and Mentor
Ayah Kamel
Bronx Bridges High School


Good neighbors build great communities. Share an inspirational story about your own neighborhood and the people or places that make it great.

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Neighborhood Session #1: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez comes home for her first-ever concert in the Bronx on TNT. Experience the music, get to know her neighborhood and be inspired by local heroes.

State Farm Neighborhood Sessions: Jennifer Lopez